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Zeitfracht Logistik has had a firm place in the national and international logistics industry for almost a century. As one of the leading providers in the field of system logistics, the company offers its customers a high-quality and adaptable transport network, which at the same time provides a high degree of flexibility for special customer requirements. With the help of its own state-of-the-art fleet of vehicles and thanks to its more than 400 dedicated employees, Zeitfracht coordinates a wide variety of transports more efficiently than almost anyone else in local and long-distance transport. Experience and cost awareness also contribute to the business success of the customers.

The Zeitfracht Group is a third-generation family business with around 6200 employees and its headquarters in Berlin. The company is primarily active in logistics, as well as in the areas of aviation, marine, real estate, building services and consulting.

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Wir arbeiten ausschließlich auf Grundlage der Allgemeinen Deutschen Spediteurbedingungen 2017 -ADSp 2017-. Hinweis: Die ADSp 2017 weichen in Ziffer 23 hinsichtlich des Haftungshöchstbetrages für Güterschäden (§ 431 HGB) vom Gesetz ab, indem sie die Haftung bei multimodalen Transporten unter Einschluss einer Seebeförderung und bei unbekanntem Schadenort auf 2 SZR/kg und im übrigen die Regelhaftung von 8,33 SZR/kg zusätzlich auf 1,25 Millionen Euro je Schadenfall sowie 2,5 Millionen Euro je Schadenereignis, mindestens aber 2 SZR/kg, beschränken.