WE'VE BEEN A MOVING FORCE FOR MORE Zeitfracht is one of market leaders in freight and logistics across Germany and Europe. THAN 90 YEARS WHEN DO YOU NEED OUR HELP? Every day, we are busy coordinating transport jobs from our hubs in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hanover and Potsdam.

The logistics partner you can trust

Zeitfracht has existed for more than 90 years. All this experience means that we are real experts in our business and ready and able to take on the freight tasks of the future.

System freight sector

Our freight systems mean we can offer you efficient, reasonably-priced options for the delivery of your goods to any point in Germany.

Truck-meets-truck systems

For swaps, the most important thing is good synchronisation. The vehicles should, if possible, all or both arrive at the rendevous simultaneously.

Dry goods traffic

The transport of general merchandise belongs to the core business of Zeitfracht Logistik GmbH.

Dangerous goods traffic

We transport your dangerous goods under consideration of the legal regulations.

Regular run systems

Within Germany and across Europe, we manage the transport of full or partial loads direct from Berlin.

Container freight

We will transport your shipping containers to the West European ports and all German ports.

Thermal transports

For temperature-sensitive goods such as food - but also for paints and chemicals - 25 refrigerated trucks are available.


Our drive and the long list of advantages make us the ideal outsourcing partner.

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Zeitfracht Logistik is a medium-sized family business at the forefront of its field: timely freight transport, as the name in German implies. Together with our drivers and other staff, we have long and extensive experience in transport services across Germany and the whole of Europe. We have a Europe-wide freight system using demountable (swap) bodies which benefits from our years of experience. Our trucks and equipment are always state-of-the-art and under constantly development. Our emphasis on continuous improvement of the workflow benefits our team and, most of all, our customers.

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Zeitfracht services

Growing over the last 90 years, we have become a highly competent and trusted partner for our customers, many of them major and successful names in their particular branch of industry. Every day, we plan and coordinate freight transport on swap bodies (demountables) from our centres in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hanover and Potsdam to link up markets across Europe.

Our services

Moving things

Fast, reliably, efficiently

This is the way we beat the competition! We make it our job to give our customers not only satisfaction but also enthusiasm for our smart logistics.

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Wir arbeiten ausschließlich auf Grundlage der Allgemeinen Deutschen Spediteurbedingungen 2017 -ADSp 2017-. Hinweis: Die ADSp 2017 weichen in Ziffer 23 hinsichtlich des Haftungshöchstbetrages für Güterschäden (§ 431 HGB) vom Gesetz ab, indem sie die Haftung bei multimodalen Transporten unter Einschluss einer Seebeförderung und bei unbekanntem Schadenort auf 2 SZR/kg und im übrigen die Regelhaftung von 8,33 SZR/kg zusätzlich auf 1,25 Millionen Euro je Schadenfall sowie 2,5 Millionen Euro je Schadenereignis, mindestens aber 2 SZR/kg, beschränken.