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Our freight solutions

Trip planning

Trip planning enables us to offer partners and customers efficient and effective delivery schemes. Do contact us for advice on how to solve your transport problems. We will work closely with you to find new means of efficiently managing our common tasks (through human resources, the mechanical equipment and the IT systems), now and as demands change in the future.

Short-haul freight

Our practice for shorter distances is to provide truck and driver so that the customer only has to do the loading and trip planning.

Tailor-made transport and logistics systems

Our complex transport network and our business model make it possible to develop individual and task-oriented solutions for our customers. In order to meet the special requirements of the European transport market in time-triggered system transport, our organisation is permanently developed and optimised to the latest standards. It goes without saying that we also offer our customers the entire spectrum of general cargo, refrigerated transport and special transport. We always rise to new challenges, whether regional or international.

Dry goods traffic

The transport of general merchandise is part of Zeitfracht Logistics‘s core business. Whether steel, fertilizer, building materials, seeds, machines, semi-finished and finished goods, paper, packaging material, beverages, raw materials... there is space for everything on our trucks. Among more than 40 curtainsiders, there is always the right one for you. With 26 tons payload at 90m³ volume, you can be sure that every transport will be carried out profitably for you!

Thermal transports

For temperature-sensitive goods such as food - but also for paints and chemicals - there are 25 refrigerated trucks available. Our customers appreciate the special cleanliness and good technical condition of the Zeitfracht vehicles. The Zeitfracht quality management guarantees the complete equipment with partition walls, temperature recorders and load securing means.

Dangerous goods traffic

Of course we also transport dangerous goods. Our staff is specially trained for this and all trucks are equipped accordingly.


Because of its particular reliability, Zeitfracht was entrusted with the takeover of various works transports. Our drive and the long list of advantages make us the ideal outsourcing partner. The Zeitfracht bases outside Münster have been ensuring service and quality between the transshipment warehouse and consumers for many years.


With our reliable and on-schedule service for automotive logistics, you can adhere precisely to your production schedules.

Factory logistics

In factory logistics, you can rely on our entire service package for the design of your supply chain.

Combined transport, pre-carriage and onward carriage from Hanover

Your company can ship significantly higher volumes through the standardized transport units - more cost-effectively and on time.


The professional storage of bulk and general cargo is also one of the services provided by Döpke Transportlogistik GmbH.

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Wir arbeiten ausschließlich auf Grundlage der Allgemeinen Deutschen Spediteurbedingungen 2017 -ADSp 2017-. Hinweis: Die ADSp 2017 weichen in Ziffer 23 hinsichtlich des Haftungshöchstbetrages für Güterschäden (§ 431 HGB) vom Gesetz ab, indem sie die Haftung bei multimodalen Transporten unter Einschluss einer Seebeförderung und bei unbekanntem Schadenort auf 2 SZR/kg und im übrigen die Regelhaftung von 8,33 SZR/kg zusätzlich auf 1,25 Millionen Euro je Schadenfall sowie 2,5 Millionen Euro je Schadenereignis, mindestens aber 2 SZR/kg, beschränken.